What's new in happy June

Maisy had her 3 year old appointment at the beginning of June.  She now weighs 32 pounds and 4 oz.  She's 3 feet and 1.25 inches tall.  She graduated to the big girl scale and had her blood pressure and hearing tested.  All is well and she is a normal healthy little girl.  I'm happy to say it's been 3 years and we have yet to have a doctors visit for an illness.  The super big development with her is that she is 100% completely potty trained.  She's started staying dry at night and naps a few days before her birthday and it has continued.  I take her in her super sleepy state right before of I go to bed to the potty and she pees and I put her back in bed.  Not sure when to stop this little ritual, but it sure the heck beats buying Pull-ups or getting woken up at 3am by a wet and crying 3 year old.

On the examining table examining the goods.

Todd's work had a fiesta celebration complete with mariachis, a taco truck and an Incredible Hulk Pinata.  It was Maisy's first pinata.

She had a great time, but the entire car ride home consisted of talking about things the Hulk could and could not knock over.

I've given up on trying to get Maisy to wear anything I may want her to wear.  Pretty much as long as it's clean, she can wear it.  She dresses herself and picks some interesting mixes.

Oakland Rose Garden

Maisy has started to form some attachment with me.  She used to run into school excited to seek adventure and didn't care that I'd come back or to tell me goodbye.  In the last couple of weeks she's gotten increasingly unhappy about being left at school.  She goes 1-2 mornings a week.  The good thing is that when I pick her up, she's all smiles and says she had a good day.  The teachers report that she is happy and curious a few minutes after I leave.  So I suppose for now, we'll keep going.  The teachers also assure me that this is normal.  Just to be sure, we stopped at the library and checked out about 6 books about leaving and coming back.

Maisy's art skills continue to amaze us!  She definitely takes after her dad.


Family Portrait

Not only is Maisy doing very well with art, which is her favorite past time, she is also amazing us with her other capabilities.  She can now climb up the jungle gym alone, do somersaults, tell stories, tell you what letters words begin with and rhyme.  Maisy's other favorite activity is collecting flowers.  She has to pick flowers where ever we go.  When given a choice between going to the park or taking a walk to collect flowers, she picks flowers.  It's really sweet.  She hands out the flowers she's collected to people we pass on the street.  Since she's so friendly, we've really been working with her on knowing who strangers are and to never never never go with them.

Maisy and Maren get along quite well.  Maisy loves her sister so much and really has become a great help.  She still has her moments of being too rough, but it really is because she wants so badly to interact with her, not because she wants to hurt her.  Maren also gets a huge kick out of her big sister.

The girls loaded in the stroller for the zoo.

Playing in the garden hunting rose petals (because I wouldn't let her pick the actual roses)

Wonderful news to report:  Maren (at 10 months) is sleeping through the night!!  It was a long road of letting her just deal for a while, but we got there.  She still will wake maybe once or twice, but it's just because she's dropped her pacifier and she wants it back, so as soon as you give it back, she's out again.  Not sure what to do about this.  She's also a bit of an early riser and we're still trying to figure out what to do about this as well.  

Maren has become very communicative.  She signs:  Food, Milk, Light and Diaper.  She is also starting to say the beginnings of words.  For milk she says: Ni-ni (as in night-night), Cah for cat, dah-dah for dog, da-da for dad, mama for mom.  She is still not crawling and generally stays where you put her.  She moves best backwards and can get to sitting from being on her belly.

Sitting at the Rose Garden with Baby Snow

I'm excited that she's moving on from baby food and can eat people food and feed herself.  Meals are so much more mellow now that she can take her sweet time and feed herself!

Maren and cousin Evan in Portland

Maren swinging

Father's Day was very low key.  We went to


for brunch and then headed to a park in Emeryville for a quick bit of fun.  The girls took a nap and so did we!  We grilled bacon bleu cheese burgers for dinner and watched a movie in the evening.  It was perfect- Todd said so himself.

Father's Day Morning

Dad and his girls on Father's Day

Maisy on her weekend alone with Dad

Happy Birthday, Todd!!  Todd had another happy birthday this year (go figure!).   We met friends for brunch at


, Uncle Steven came over to hang out for a bit, the girls went for a nap and so did we, then we headed over to our friends house for a house warming party, where we sung happy birthday!

Todd got a Chemex and a Breville electric kettle warmer.  He wanted it, I swear!

Our neighborhood street fair,

the Juneteenth celebration

, was today.  Todd and Maisy enjoyed the jumpy house at the fair!  The weather was just perfect.

Dad and Maisy

As nice as it has been though, we cannot wait to get to Hawaii!!  We leave this next week for two whole weeks.  It's going to be the BEST!

Can't wait to share our wonderful tanned summer vacation photos with you all next time!


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren