Camping at Lake Chabot at 26 weeks pregnant

Family of camping hikers….in Oakland, yes, that is Oakland!

We decided to try camping again after a year, while we still could.  I’m not too pregnant and there isn’t a newborn yet around, so we teamed up with Matt, Abby and Evan and made the trip to Lake Chabot in Oakland.

Nestled about 40 minutes away from our house, in the Oakland Hills, is actually a very nice camp ground.  Maisy and Evan had a hoot playing together around the tents and gathering sticks.  Smores were a highlight!

Matt’s culinary creation- Bacon Smores

It had all the familiar sounds of home…. airplanes over head, BART whirring by, cars on the freeway and even the occasional siren blaring.  What this camp site had that home doesn’t are raccoons trying to eat your marshmallows and the same inquisitive raccoons playing with your potty.  If this wasn’t enough to keep a camper awake, surely a 2 year old would be!

Hanging out in and by a tree

The trip was going well.  Maisy went down to sleep in her Pack and Play all alone at a respectable 9 o’clock.  We thought- GREAT, this could work….  fast forward to about 3am when Maisy woke up and wanted nothing more to do with sleep.  Ugh.  We brought her down with us in the sleeping bags and she’d settle for a bit and then try to strike up another conversation or a wiggle worm fest.  It was quite a challenge to keep her quiet and still.   After two and a half long hours of being kicked by Maisy on the outside and kicked by baby girl on the inside, Maisy finally settled down for a nap at which time my hips and back started ACHING.  We “slept” in until almost 9 when we heard coffee being brewed.  Ahhhh… rescue!

Still big and bright eyed after a night with no sleep, waiting to take a hike

After a delicious pancake and bacon breakfast we packed up and decided to take a hike.  It was a 3 mile hike, that somehow seemed much longer.  It must have been all the hills!  I carried baby girl, while Todd had Maisy on his back.  Maisy and Evan enjoyed being in their packs and our picnic lunch.

After our hike, Maisy was pooped, so we headed home for an afternoon nap.

Too Tired

What a great way to spend a beautiful Friday evening and Saturday day- with great friends and some adventure!

Hikers over Lake Chabot

In baby news had a doctor’s appointment Friday morning for my Glucose testing, regular clinical labs and my thyroid.  All tests came back within normal range.  The doctor’s appointment was quick and Maisy got to help hear the baby’s heartbeat again.  Dr. Perry says baby girl has a perfectly strong heartbeat.  She did say that the baby is measuring a couple of weeks smaller than usual, but she’s no worried.  I wish I felt small!  At 26 weeks, I’m feeling bigger and bigger, but not super uncomfortable yet.  I’m feeling great actually.

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