Welcome Baby Maren (birth in our car)!

Matthews Family

Well I went into labor the night of my last post.  Maisy’s labor- went rather fast- but not this fast!  I had my membranes stripped earlier that day at 2pm, been drinking my raspberry tea, took some evening primrose and went to sleep.  I woke up at 1 am on 8/31 with cramps then I realized they were contractions.  At that point the contractions were about 10 minutes apart and not too painful.  I got up, cleaned up the bathroom and kitchen and then the contractions got a bit closer together and stronger.  I woke up Todd and we got Steven over to our house around 2:30am to watch Maisy.  At around 4:30 my contractions were pretty strong, but not coming consistently.  I would have one lasting a minute 3 minutes apart, then nothing for 5 minutes and the contraction would be SUPER strong, then I’d have a minor contraction a minute later, then nothing for 7 minutes where it would be WAY strong, then a minor one a minute later for 30 seconds, then a couple normal contractions lasting 50 seconds 4-5 mins apart.  We were waiting for the 4-1-1 rule (contractions 4 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute, consistently for 1 hour).  We called labor and delivery and they said we could come in if I wanted to be checked, but I would most likely be sent home.  The contractions were very strong- so I decided we should go.

Right before we left for the hospital

I thought at least they can give me some meds to make this hurt less.  Thankfully it was 5:15 in the am and no one was on the road.  We headed for the hospital and after 5 minutes the only way I could get through the contractions was to give a slight push at the end.  During one of those contractions, I thought I either peed myself or my water broke (my water broke).  Thankfully Todd thought to call the hospital right then while we were in the car and about 4 blocks away to tell the hospital staff to meet us outside.  After making him run a couple of red lights- we finally got to the hospital and Todd found the medical team and they swarmed the car.  There were about 15 people standing around with all sorts of medical supplies.  The doctor opened the door, Todd laid the seat back, the doctor pulled down my pants (I could feel her head through my pants) and I said “I can’t believe I’m having my baby in the F’ing car” followed with “I HAVE TO PUSH!”  The doctor said I could and I gave one good push and out came Maren Alice.  I said hello to Maren and the next thing I said was, “Todd, I think we need a new car.”  They wrapped her tightly in blankets and Todd and Maren went up to L&D.  They covered me up somehow and I walked to the gurney and the nurses grabbed our bags, where we met Todd and Maren in L&D where I finished the laboring process delivering the placenta.  So I guess you could say I had a completely natural birth.  I’m actually pretty proud of myself- I had NO IDEA I was that close to giving birth. I handled the pain a lot better than I thought I ever could.

Maren Alice Matthews was born at 5:30am, weighing 6 lbs 8 oz, was 20 inches long with a head circumference of 13 inches.

First picture

Whew!  What a way to make an entrance.  I wish I knew she was coming sooner and that the L&D nurse would have been more encouraging to get us there faster.  I guess the moral of the story is- um contractions don’t HAVE to be consistent! Todd and I both wish that we would have remembered to take pictures of the scene.

Now to get the car detailed- ick!

The Delivery Room

Maisy giving Maren her baby bear gift

We are now all at home and thank goodness to all of our family and friends for their support.  Steven was awesome getting out of bed in the middle of the night to come over to watch Maisy,  Abby came over early in the morning to take over Maisy duty so Steven could go to work and Mom and Charlie came up to relieve Abby in the afternoon.  It takes a village, folks!  A million thanks.  We are also very thankful that my mom will be staying until Tuesday!

Nana, Papa and Maren

Maisy has been very good to Maren.  She still loves to hug a little too hard and is a bit too unpredictable, so we need to keep a close eye on her.

Mama and her girls- one of the best moments yet!

My milk didn’t come in right away so at our second day lactation consult she had gone down to 5 lb 8 oz, she lost 8% of her body weight.  So they were worried she wasn’t eating enough.  They had me feed her every hour and a half to two hours and then pump after as many feedings as possible to feed her the pumped milk with a little tube at the next feeding.  We went back today and got the great news that she is back up to 6 lbs 4 oz.  So now we can resume as usual.  We go back on next Tuesday for a weight check in.

Nana and Dada give the first sponge bath

Maren hanging out on the couch

Dada and Maren

Todd has been spending a lot more time with Maisy.  It’s been nice.  Today they went for a Skuut bike ride down to the park.  It’s amazing how Maisy suddenly seems soooo much older.  Last week she seemed like my baby and now she seems like a full grown kid!  I can’t believe how much she weighs in comparison.

Maisy on her Skuut bike

We’ll keep you all updated.  Thank you everyone for your well wishes!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren