We survived a plane ride alone!

I took the girls to LA so that we could help Auntie shop for dresses and do a bit of wedding planning for Kim.  The weather was wonderfully mild and it was great getting to see everyone.  We even snuck in some time to see Sarah and her girls, Marly and Mykah and Perla.  Poor Luke was sick, so we missed visiting him.

Maren's First Plane Ride!

Maisy happily played with her new felt book the entire way down

It was really fun to see Maisy and Elijah together this trip.  They seemed to really get along for the first time. They totally played together and genuinely enjoyed each other's company.  It was adorable to watch them.

Sword fight!

Even Nana got in on the action

Maren and Evan got to spend a bit of quality time together as well.

Cousin tummy time

Marly, Elijah and Maisy entertain Evan

It was nice to just hang out.  We did important and fun stuff like go to the park, go to Target, pick out a wedding dress, pick out a bridesmaid dress, check out a wedding spot, check out a bridal shower spot, get our toes done and have some lunches.  We did this all in four days!  It was busy, but somehow relaxing at the same time! 

While Kim and the girls were busy dressing I stood Maren up on the bride's podium.  I can't even imagine that one day she may be old enough to be trying on wedding dresses herself!  

Maren on the bride's podium

Nana and Maisy at the park

Visit with Papa

Evan and me getting my toes done

Maisy is quite the resourceful girl. After lunch at Shenandoah's, the server asked if we wanted desert.  We all said no.  Maisy didn't agree, but didn't throw a fit.  Instead when the waiter came back, she went ahead and ordered herself some desert when the server asked if he could get us anything else, "I'd like some ice cream, please."  We all laughed and I said, no we weren't having desert and low and behold, a few minutes later, the server showed up with a mini ice cream sundae!  She was very pleased with herself.  Who needs to go through Mom, when you know the guy who can get you what you want!?  I was kinda proud of her!  She has some determination and will go after what she wants. I love that!

Maisy eating her ice cream

The trip back was a bit rougher than going but we got through it okay.  Todd, of course, missed his girls.

Maisy and Todd

We did a couple of St. Paddy's Day projects the day after we got home.

Maisy is getting pretty good at coloring!

We also made cookies...mmmmm

Maisy is becoming such a big girl and is a great Mommy's helper.

Putting away the silverware

Maren is still a cutie pie and learning to sit rather well!  She's eating solids a couple times a day, but still not sleeping through the night, Ugh!!  I think we'll try night sleep training after we return from Portland.

We are heading to Portland tomorrow for a few days to see my dad, celebrate my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary and to visit our dear friend Lisa!  It's going to be action packed, but super fun.

We are re-doing our kitchen counters.  They removed our old counter and sink today.  It is expected that our new countertop will be put in in a couple of weeks.  I cannot wait for our "new" kitchen!  I'll be sure to post before and after pictures.  

So with all the travel and kitchen stuff, I've felt quite overwhelmed. I'm very excited to get back to normal life after it all settles down.

More later!


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren

Maren being cute.