We have a ONE year old!

Happy Birthday, Maisy!

M aisy was lucky enough to have all of her family come to town for her big birthday event.  We reserved a place in Cordornices Park in Berkeley where we bbq’d chicken, veggie burgers and sausages.  Maisy got to play in the dirt and have CAKE for the very first time.  The party was a success- no melt downs by anyone.  The one downside was that it was really cold!

Trying to stay warm!  So much for our “heat wave”.

Playing in the dirt

Cake was a favorite after she figured out what to do with it

We opened presents the next morning with the grandparents, aunt, uncles and cousin.  Maisy had a great time!

Maisy giving love to her new monkey “Uncle Fred”

After presents we all went out to Little Farm and the Merry-go-Round in Tilden.  Maisy and Elijah were a bit spooked by the animals, but all the adults had a great time!

Getting ready to leave the farm

On June 5th, Maisy’s birthday, we took her to the California Academy of Science in San Francisco (the aquarium).  She loved it!  We are now members so we can go anytime- which will be fun for us all!  Maisy wasn’t as excited as she could have been because we had her skip her morning nap to go- next time, we’ll take her after a good nap!


Maisy finally got her two front teeth on her actual birthday.  She “finger walks” quite well and can stand on her own for about 15 seconds at a time, longer if she doesn’t realize she’s doing it.  She goes for her one year check up in a week and a half to get her 12 month shots.

We are all doing well and heading out to Colorado next week for a good friend’s wedding where we will also get a chance to catch up with some family.

Todd is loving his new job and we are lucky that he is often able to work from home or at least go in after Maisy is down for her first nap, so Todd and Maisy get to spend some time together.  She is just goo-goo over her daddy!

Those are all of our updates for now.  Can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us.

Much love and more later- Todd, Becky and Maisy