Water games

That face just melts my heart…

My make up prenatal appointment was scheduled for today, but my doctor was sick, so she cancelled on me.  I’m now rescheduled for Monday, May 10.  So we had some free time today.

I got Maisy a little beach chair that someone was giving away and she likes it very much.  She carried it all around the yard.

Crawling in and out of her chair

After playing in the yard we went inside to play a little game called pour water from one container into the other.  She thought it was the best game ever!

Happily pouring


Then we played a quick game of will it float or will it sink?  The upside to this is that now this particular portion of my kitchen floor is spotlessly clean!

Will it float or not, oh who cares?  Let’s drink the water!

Here is an updated picture of me today at 23 weeks.  Maisy is adorable with the baby.  She asks to see my belly and will talk to the baby, tickle my belly, try to look through my belly button to see the baby, she also hugs and tells the baby how much she loves her.  It’s just so sweet.  We will have to be sure to get a video and post it.

23 Weeks

We are very excited to have gotten rid of the extra furniture in the guest room- soon to be Maisy’s big-girl room.  We will spend the weekend getting all of the rest of the stuff put into the attic and then we’ll move on to getting the room painted.

More later-

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl