walk in the park

the gardens are very surreal, so after a few hours, and just before we began to question if we were having a bad acid trip, we picked up some paninis, and headed for the beach.


romans carve aqueducts (left), and nature carves hearts (right)

on our way, we found an ancient aqueduct, carved from a mountainside. to see first hand what the romans accomplished is amazing. without dynamite; only pick axes, and time, they carved with delicate precision. the aqueduct would divert water away from ships that would moor at the nearby harbor. now, all that remains of the harbor are piles of rubble, reavealing where the slips once were.

we made our way to the beach, where we finally ate our sandwiches and tossed a frisbee. we were playing with a guy who didn’t understand english at all, yet we had no trouble communicating, or having fun. it reminded me of how toddlers can just walk up to each another, not knowing the language, and still being able to connect.

after a little frisbee, lunch, and a getting our feet wet in the sea, we stopped by the small vacation town of orbotello. there, we checked out the antique flea market, window shopped and stopped for a gelato, where everyone generously offered a lick to share. no germophobes here!

the sun was about to set, and we were ready for the drive home. the people from becky’s work have been so kind, and have really helped us get aquainted with the area. we’ve been invited for another trek next week, and look forward to covering more uncommon ground with our warm hearted friends.