Visits and Vacations in May

May has been jam packed with activity!  We had Mimi and Papa J out for a visit.  It had been quite a while since we'd all been together, so it was a very special treat.  We got to celebrate Mother's Day together, where Joan and I got a break and got to go out to a movie by ourselves!  It was wonderful!! The boys had planned to get dinner together when we got home.  It was a fun celebration of Moms.

The girls relaxing on Mother's Day

It was nice to just hang out and be low key with the family.

Family game night:  Pandemic!

Maisy and Mimi on our hike

Papa J and Maren waiting in line for the train

Uncle Steven flying Maisy

Maisy is becoming quite the independent little helper.  It's amazing how fast she's growing.  I can't believe in just a couple of weeks she'll be 3!  We are still going through a rough patch with the whole clothes changing and refusing to wear pretty much everything thing.  It shall pass--  I hope!

Maisy helping Papa J mow our lawn.  Thanks, you two!

Maisy making her lunch

Brining in the trash cans with Todd.  She actually did it all by herself.

Making dinner with me

Maisy's portrait of Todd- It's actually pretty good!

Maren is also growing quickly.  She crawled a bit for the first time.  She's slept through the night a couple of times now.  We are hoping to soon make this a permanent thing.  She has two teeth on the bottom and is in the process of getting her two top front teeth.  She's not too fond of this.

Beaming baby Maren

Today she had her first real picnic.  She had tiny bits of bread, cheese and turkey with Maisy and I for lunch.  I'm so excited to get her on self fed table foods.

We think she liked it!

We just got back from LA for a visit where we celebrated Kim and Rigo's upcoming wedding.  It was a great time.

Maren and Todd at Todd's favorite road trip eatery- In N Out.

Bridal Shower with our cousins Stephanie and Sarah 

Me and Kim at her shower.  I think it's my most favorite picture of us EVER.

My mom and me

Cheers to the bride at Kim's bachelorette party.

Kim in our homemade veil for her bachelorette party- GOOD times!  Coincidentally there are no pictures from Rigo's bachelor party....hmmm...

The kids all got to play together, which is always super fun all around.

Maren and Evan

Maisy and Elijah having a "spa day"

Me and baby Evan

Elijah after sword fighting

While we were down we paid a visit to my grandmother's sister, Auntie Jo. It was so nice to see her.  She was helping with the family history I'm researching.

Maisy and Auntie Jo

Pa's Italian Military Photo 1916

Great grandmother and grandfather Carmelo (Carl) Fasciano to Sarah (Rosaria) Salvaggio- New York 1922

We also got to visit the Shalvoy family.  Marly and Maisy are only 3 weeks apart in age.  We always love getting together with them!

Maren and Mykah (the little sisters)

Marly and Maisy playing school with their backpacks on

The end of May and June are shaping up to be just as busy!  

Hope all is well-

Love- Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren