Valentine's Day and beyond

Todd and I have been busily preparing the house for baby girl (still yet to be named).  Todd re-did his office, to make it much more open for baby watching and working :-)  I’ve been re-arranging closets to make room for all the new things we will have for the baby.

i think todd is going for an ‘i love lucy’ impression, what do you think?

We celebrated Valentine’s day by me leaving work early and surprising Todd and taking him on a tour of Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory in Berkeley.  We got a tour of the chocolate factory with yummy samples to boot.  After our tour we headed over to North Berkeley Farmer’s Market for a snack of cheese, bread and butter- YUM!  From there we drove over to the Berkeley Rose Garden to hang out, eat our snack and watch the sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

Work has been very busy for me, so the weeks are flying by!  I cannot believe I have less than 15 weeks left!  (that’s what I say now, huh?!  I suppose that’s why they call it the “golden trimester”).  My next doctor’s appointment is on the 28th of February where I think I’ll take my pregnancy glucose test.  Everything is going great.  I feel wonderful and have tons of energy.  I feel her move more and more strong and often.  I’m keeping up with my twice weekly prenatal yoga classes and enjoy them more and more each time I go.  Todd and I have signed up for a couples prenatal yoga birth preparation course through my yoga studio.  I’m very excited for Todd to see and experience some of what I’ve been learning.  I hope to use some of the yoga techniques I’ve learned along the way during the birthing process.  I plan to have a drug-free birth and hope that using some of these relaxing techniques and poses can get me through and if not, oh, well… we tried!  We’ve also signed up for all of our birth/baby/breast feeding/hospital tours preparation sessions.  Hopefully we’ll be as prepared as we can get for our big arrival.

It’s funny… I still don’t think I look super pregnant but others are definitely noticing and it is absolutely having its benefits.  I had to use the restroom in a drug store the other day and I asked a woman very politely where the restroom was, and she was about to tell me I had to go get some key from some customer service area when her eyes set upon my belly and said, well come here, I’ll take you to use the employees restroom.  Score!

I hope you enjoy the update and that everyone had a great start to the year-  Hugs, Becky, Todd and Baby