Todd turns 34! (30 weeks pregnant)

Happy Birthday Cupcakes

Happy Birthday, Todd!!

We celebrated this morning before Todd took off for work.  He got a nice new hat, a bottle of wine and some tea.

Todd trying on his new birthday hat from Maisy and me

After the morning festivities we headed over to my doctor’s appointment where Todd got to hear baby girl’s heartbeat for the first time.  She is now exactly where she should be in terms of growth.  My next appointment is July 27th.

Todd then went to work and we met for dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Wood Tavern, where we had a speedy early dinner.  Maisy decided to completely not sleep today at nap time, but instead play for 2 and a half hours in her big girl room.  So, she was not up for a lengthy dinner and we weren’t up for dealing with her through a lengthy dinner.  Needless to day, she went to bed at 7 and missed the cupcake festivities.

Steven came over after dinner to help us sing and eat Todd’s special birthday egg-free, vanilla-free cupcakes.  It was quite an undertaking to make them from scratch!  Steven and Todd seemed to like them after we learned the trick of heating them first to moisten them up.

Here is a picture from today.  I can’t believe there are only 10 short weeks left!

30 Weeks

More later!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl