Today brought to you by the letter, "A".

A grilled cheese

Well this month I decided we needed a challenge.   I challenge myself to teach Maisy (and challenge Maisy to learn) the alphabet.  So as a part of this challenge, I will teach Maisy one letter per weekday in the month of July.  Today was A day and I brought my A game!

“A” Worksheet

We started out coloring an “A” worksheet.  For a few days I’ve been cutting images and letters out of magazines to make letter collages, so that was next on our agenda.  We then went around the house and collected all of the items that began with the letter “A” that we could find and of course we had an Apple snack.  Surprisingly enough, not that many things start with A that just lie around our house….

Apple Snack A game

After all that fun, we took a break and Maisy took a nap.   After Maisy’s nap, learning time continued!  I made an “A” stamp for painting out of half of an apple.  (I’d like to claim this idea, but it was actually Todd’s).

Apple A Stamp

Maisy thought this was great fun!

Awesome Apple A stAmp!

Check it out A!

To top it off we had an alphabet pasta salad for dinner tonight.  Tomorrow we are on to the letter B.

I think A day was a success. 

In other news, baby girl keeps growing and growing. She is super active and is always dancing around.  We go to prenatal yoga each Wednesday night, which is one of my favorite times of the week!

Here is a picture from today.  I can’t believe there are only 9 short weeks left!

31 Weeks

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