Three weeks to go! (37 weeks pregnant)

37 weeks

We all went to the OB today as we were having our growth ultrasound to see how big the baby might be and to check her position.  The doctor estimates she’s about 5 pounds and healthy.  The baby was already working her diaphragm getting ready for breathing.  The doctor did say she’d like the baby to gain a bit more weight prior to her big debut.  So my assignment is to EATEATEAT.  I insisted that a 5 pound baby would be absolutely fine with me as long as she was healthy, but the doctor pointed out that small babies like to be fed every hour and don’t sleep as well as larger babies, so FINE- she wins, I’ll eat and eat and eat.  The doctor also said that she does not expect the baby to show up early.  I have had a few contractions, but nothing painful or serious.

I need to have my thyroid re-checked tomorrow morning just to make sure my dosage is correct. I continue to go to yoga once a week and walk just about everyday with Maisy.

I’m not sleeping as well as I have been, so I’m pretty tired.  I feel the baby has moved down and it makes laying down pretty uncomfortable.  Here is a n belly shot at 36 weeks.  If you compare to the 37 week picture above, I think she’s a bit lower now.

36 Weeks

The doctor’s recommendation was good timing, because last night out of the blue I decided to bake a cake that Todd can’t eat (eggs), so Maisy and I have been doing our best to eat it.  Anyone want cake!?

Our next visit with the doctor is Aug. 23 in two weeks.

So we are on letter X today.  We are very close to finishing the alphabet.  I suppose we’ll work on numbers next.  I keep waiting for her to be disinterested- because honestly a break would be nice, but she really looks forward to it!  She loves the learning.

Maisy showing off her "V"olcano

I was treated to a wonderful night out with great girlfriends this last Saturday night.  It was so fun to get out and just talk and catch up with friends!!!  They were super sweet and they all got together and pitched in to get us 2 meals prepared and delivered right to our door after the baby is born!!! I couldn’t imagine a better treat.  Thank you to Andrea, Marissa, Abby, Alison, Kim and Angie!  I am really so lucky to have such thoughtful, supportive and fun girls in my life :-)

Me, Angie, Alison, Kim and Marissa (Andrea and Abby weren’t able to make dinner)

More later!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl