The Well Baby Visit That Wasn't

What?  I thought this was a "well" baby visit!?

Maren had her well baby visit, which unfortunately turned into an unwell baby visit.  Generally, she is well, weighing 17 lbs, 27 1/2 inches tall with a round melon of 17 1/2 inches.  She has been congested the last couple of days with a runny nose (which I had mostly attributed to teething- top two front teeth).  When the cough came and she started waking multiple times a night- refusing nursing and couldn't be consoled for over an hour and then when my throat started to hurt- it all came together.  She has a cold with a sore throat.  The doctor confirmed by informing us that our throats were indeed red.  No course of action, other than just ride it out (with Tylenol).  Other than that, Maren is a content wonderful mild-mannered happy baby girl.  She'll work her way over to a toy (usually a combination of reaching and pulling from sitting and spinning in a circle, but never a great distance).  She can sit pretty solidly and wave the cutest little wave!  Maren still doesn't really roll over, but the doctor says it's just because she doesn't feel the need to and developmentally she's on track.  Maisy waited patiently looking out the window watching the cars go by on the 580/24 interchange during Maren's exam.

Snacking Maisy

We'll put Maren's locomotion skills to the test next week when she takes part in the

UC Berkeley Infant Lollipop Study

.  Both girls are going to be quite familiar with the campus by the time they are ready for enrollment! ha ha ha

Maisy has been going to school whenever they have an absence from another child as well as on her normal Friday morning.  Maisy went on Tuesday dressed in her very best outfit!  

Maisy in pink, pink, pink and Maren's pink pants, and pink ankle socks pulled up "like boots"

On Tuesday Maren and I walked up to Berkeley Bowl, grocery shopped, had lunch and then walked over to get Maisy from school. It was strange to be without Maisy.  I found myself thinking, "Oh, Maisy would love this!  Maisy would really want that free sample of cheese. Look at those flowers, Maisy loves purple.  It's so quiet."  Of course, we picked right up where we left off when we went to go pick her up!

Maisy informed me today, she would much rather go to ballet school than learning school.  She only wants to go to learning school when she knows the kids.  So I suppose we'll stop just adding a day here and there and keep her with her schoolmates.  No sense in paying more for something she doesn't want.  We'll start looking for ballet school when we are back from our travels.  We have 2 trips in July (Hawaii and LA) and 2 trips in August (Tahoe and New York).   After we are all situated for the fall we can commit to some dance classes.  I'm super thrilled she wants to DANCE!  I was hoping she would- she can follow in mommy's tap and ballet shoes...  Any tips on any good programs?

I'm going to Maisy's school for a class tonight called Putting Yourself First for Parenting.  I'm very excited to see what it's about since I'm sure so many parents can relate to NOT doing this.  If I learn any amazing tips, I will surely pass them on!

We were also featured today in one of my favorite mom blogs called

Rookie Moms

.  It's fun to be a part of a mom community!  Enjoy.

Have a great long weekend!


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren