The snow in January

First snow day as a family of four!

The year is just moving along.  It’s hard to believe that January is already gone.  We’ve had quite a busy month with touring preschools and preparing for the snow.  We took a trip up to Tahoe with a group of friends to get some snow time in.  The kids all had a great time together and on the way home Maisy kept asking if all her friends could come over to sleep at our house.

Maisy and William cuddled watching Winnie the Pooh

Maisy and Rowan share a late night carrot snack

Maisy tried mini skis and did very well and giggled the whole time, but quickly said, “I’m done.”

Maisy’s first ski

Maren slept through most of the snow activities, mostly because she was sooo cozy and getting rocked right to sleep.  I got an amazing work out carrying her around!

Ready for snow!

Snow play

There are just too many cute pictures to post, but I’ll put in just a couple more anyway!

Snowy blue eyes

Dad and sled rides

We will be returning to the snow next month with Mimi and Papa J, I’m sure they can convince her to get a few more runs in.  Getting to Tahoe was lovely as was the company once we arrived.  Getting home was a looong day.  Traffic was back up for hours.  We pulled over to comfort the girls and let them stretch out a bit and out of the blue, Uncle Steven pulls up next to us!  He had also been returning from Tahoe- but neither of us knew the other was up.  Due to the horrible traffic we stopped for some pizza altogether.

Maisy was very sweet in trying to calm Maren down on the ride home singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (incorrectly) but with ever so much sweetness and heart.

It’s been a fun month with lots of little projects.  Maisy helped Todd bake cookies.


Maisy made a huge painting on a large piece of corrugated paper.  She LOVED it.


Maisy has come up with her own accent.  No idea where it has come from.  So now Daddy sounds like, Dey-ah-dey, That sound like They-at, There sounds like They-er.  It’s quite amusing.  She has also been very interested in ballet lately.  She wears ballet shoes all over the house practicing her pirouettes.  She requests “ballet music” and puts on her leotard and twirls about most afternoons.  She even requests to sleep in her ballet shoes.  She is also quite the conversationalist asking questions like, “How was your day? And what do you do?”. Her sense of humor is also starting to develop which is also very amusing.

Maisy is excited to begin school in the fall.  She will be going 3 mornings a week.  The good part is that the teacher was impressed with her and loved her spirit for adventure, so they are willing to take her early!  Maisy will start going one day a week on Fridays.

Maren is already 5 months old!  She is growing so fast. I told her today, just to slow down a bit.  It’s hard to believe that soon she’ll be walking around.  I just want to keep her so sweet and cuddly!

Maren being cute

Maren still has not rolled over again, but has found her voice.  She loves squealing in delight.  She and Maisy have squealing conversations.  It’s really cute for about 60 seconds and then it gets a little loud sounding!  We have started giving Maren a sippy cup with water in it and she seems to get putting it in her mouth.  She’s still not sure of the water inside though.  We practice sitting up, but no sitting independently yet.  Last week we also started “brushing her teeth”, stopped swaddling her and started giving her a little square monkey blanket to sleep with for comfort.  She is doing well with it and is still waking just 2 times a night.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting that down to zero!  We’ve moved her feedings to first in the good night routine, so hopefully she’ll just learn to fall asleep totally on her own without needing a feeding to make her feel sleepy.  She’s just a very sweet, happy, smiley and easy going baby.

Maren sippin’

More in a few weeks!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren