The family tree is growing!

Big sister in training

We are lucky enough to be adding another member to our family.  The new little bean should arrive around September 5th.

New Baby’s first photo shoot

Our first ultrasound was Monday and it was very exciting to get to see the baby on the “baby tv”.  Everything looked good and the baby is growing on schedule.  Maisy and Todd were there for the visit.  We kept trying to explain to Maisy that it was a picture of the baby in Mommy’s tummy.  She looked at us like we had obviously lost it.  She did take an interest in the baby on the tv screen and wanted to kiss and hug it.  Then she pointed to my belly and wanted said, “Oten”- which in Maisy language means open.  We explained that the baby had to stay inside for a long long time to get bigger then it would be ready to come out.

Maisy giving the baby kisses

We asked her if she liked the baby and if she could point to the baby and she did, then she quickly named it, Nemo.  I doubt that name will be on the birth certificate.

Maisy and Todd find Nemo

We have our next ultrasound, the NT scan, on February 25.  Other than that, I’m just tired and feel kind of nauseated a good portion of the time- but that should all resolve in a couple of weeks.

More next time!

Much love, Todd, Becky and Maisy