The ever growing belly 14 weeks

14 weeks

T hought we’d start giving you the belly shots, so here you go.  This picutre was taken last Sunday at 14 weeks.  I just feel kind of blobby and my clothes are all tight and uncomforable – the maternity clothes are still too big and saggy, so this is a really fun stage!  [Note the sarcasm :-) ]  I’m excited to start looking pregnant instead of like I eat everything in sight.

Other than my clothes not really fitting, everything else is going very well.  I seem to have my headaches under control now.  I am taking prenatal yoga, which I really enjoy, and I’m trying to eat well and get some exercise every now and again.  My energy is back up and the nausea is now long gone.  I do seem to get weepy quite easily.  I cried twice… TWOTIMES… while watching two separate lame television shows last night.  Todd finds it amusing, and  I just tell him it’s not nice to laugh at your pregnant wife!  We are really having a blast and are looking forward to our next appointments on New Year’s Eve.