The End of March

Seems a lot has happened in the last week!

We got to meet a new friend!  Levi Rylan Haynes was born March 15th!!  We are so happy for Matt, Abby and Evan.  He is such a sweet and calm little man with a lot of hair.  The Haynes family is doing fabulously!

Maren had her first ride in her big girl car seat- goodbye infant seat.  It's nice, now we have the girls next to each other in the car and they can interact.  Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not great at all.  

Maren also just spouted her first tooth yesterday.  It's tiny and it's barely visible, but it's definitely broken the surface.  She's doing really well with it though.

I tried to get a picture of the tooth, but I could just get a picture of the teething....

I also recently decided it was time to night wean.  I'm dying for a full night's sleep.  Our technique has been, not to pick her up, but to give her a bottle of water when she wakes, then when she's done drinking- if she drinks at all, we give her the pacie and her blankie square and she goes right back to sleep.  We are on day 6.  She still wakes up 2-3 times a night.  I'm hoping that soon, she'll realize there is no need to wake up and just stop all together.  The good news is that it only wakes me for 2 minutes at a time compared to 15 minutes at a time.

Sleepy Maren

Maisy and I made a fancy Easter craft.  It's a yarn egg.   Well how do you do that, you say?  Well you take a balloon and blow it up.  

Then you cut some pieces of yarn.  Dredge them in glue and water and wrap them around the balloon.

Then you let the yarn dry and pop the balloon and you are left with your egg!

Finished Egg!

Maisy is also really into hide and seek.  

Can you find her?

The girls are getting along great.  They chat in little sounds and just giggle at each other.  Here they are cuddling on the couch during an afternoon Dinosaur Train episode.

Sister cuddles

We are LOVING the weather here!  It's been great.  


I spent the day in the yard today cleaning up 7 months worth of growth.  It was a lot of work, but felt so good!

We went to Pyramid Brewery tonight for dinner and Maren was glued to the TV. I guess we don't let her watch it nearly enough because she was GLUED to the TV showing the SF Giants play the LA Dodgers. It was hilarious!

Glued to the set

On the edge of her seat!


Not much else going on.  We are getting our new counter tops on Tuesday and we are beyond thrilled to have a kitchen sink and dishwasher again- especially since it will look so awesome!

More soon-


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren