The day we arrived

I didn’t think work would have had a car prepared for me so soon- but they did.  I didn’t really know how to get home from work in car.  I only knew how to get back and forth walking.  Two friends at work volunteered to help me try to find my way home.  (you can’t get there driving the same way you would walking because the path is too small for a car).  We drove around for and hour and a half.  Went down dirt roads we weren’t supposed to and got stuck in very small alleys that required about 20 minutes of maneuvering to get back out of.  All in all it was a bust.  The car ended up being driven back to work and a co-worker drove me home.

The next day I had to call the landlord to find the proper way.  He told me the very unintuitive way home (we live down a dirt road that isn’t on any maps).  A co-worker went with me to make sure it was the right way and it was.  And I finally found my way home.