She keeps growing and growing....

Happy Maisy sitting in our livingroom- better known as Maisy play world- Do you think she has enough toys?

M aisy just keeps on growing- faster than we can even fathom.  She is already outgrowing her 9 month old clothes even though she’s only 7 1/2 months old.

She had her two bottom front teeth break through on Sunday, so she’s very busy with all the teething.  She’s also busy with all the new foods to try, some she likes and some she has to get used to.

Yogurt was a bit of a shocking flavor to her at first.  She’s used to it now and even likes it.

Cottage cheese had a rocky beginning, but now she’s cool with it.

Ew…cheese that comes from a little cottage!?

Maisy got her last flu shot a couple of weeks ago and now she’s all up to speed with her shots.  She doesn’t love them, but does pretty well with them.  (It’s getting easier on me too!)

Maisy post shot

Maisy took it out on the informational pamphlet

Not much else is going on here.  We’ve had strange and unseasonably warm weather, so Maisy and I have resumed our walks to the park and strolls to the grocery store.  Gotta love winter in California!!

More next time.

Much love to all-

Todd, Becky and Maisy