poster paste up and movie memories

There are tons of torn up posters lining the walls of siena. the artist in me is drawn to the chaotic mix of color and type, and i love words in different languages. it’s the fonts. seeing these posters in italy strikes an accord with the film buff and cyclist in me too. while walking the tuscan streets, formed from dirt and cobbled marble, it’s hard to ignore images from “Ladri di biciclette.”

the film tells the story of a man who has been unemployed for months, and is finally given a job pasting up posters. the only catch is that he needs a bicycle to get from wall to wall, so his proud wife pawns the linens off of their own bed to purchase a bike. translated, the title “the bicycle thief” gives away what happens next. the poor man loses his new bicycle during the first day of work. without it, he and his son search the crowded streets of rome for the only thing that can give him back his dignity.

pasting up posters, and readying the ride

a tale of pride, enduring hardship and overcoming loss, this film is one of my favorites, and not just because of a bicycle. pick it up from your local video spot, netflix it, and share with a friend. note: it’s subtitled, but will not disappoint.