Pisa - nice city, unfortunate architecture

Sunday, we forgot about the time change and woke up an hour after we had thought.  Siena is once again nine hours ahead of California.  We were thankful to sleep in, but quickly got ready and headed out for Pisa.  After a two hour drive, we arrived to rain as we hit the streets. We were starving, and since it was Sunday, most places were closed. A little wandering led us to a small Osteria filled with Italians, so we decided to dine.

we should have eaten here instead

The Gnocci al roquefort was good. For our segundis, I ordered the Chingiale (wild boar) and Todd ordered Tonna (tuna).  The second courses came.  My Chingiale was sparse, and overwhelmed by olives.  There must have been at least thirty olives to each bite of meat!  I couldn’t eat it, and turned to Todd’s tuna.  He let me have a bite, and I convinced him to trade me the very over cooked tuna for my plate of olives.  I gobbled town the tuna telling myself, it will all be over soon, and Todd did his best to force down the chingiale dish.  The kicker: an Italian man next to us ordered the same Chingiale dish I did, execept he was served big pieces of wild boar and only a few olives.  We had been shorted!

on to the tower.

After “lunch” we strolled toward the piazza that has the famed tower.  It was actually very cool to see something that large and solid be so oddly shaped.  It kind of has a banana curve.  We examined the tower and visited the Duomo (cathedral) and the circular bapistry and the old cemetery. We strolled with the tourists for a while and then hit the road for home.

We made it just in time to go over to our friend Alessandra’s house for a wonderul home cooked Italian spread.  It definitely made up for the cruddy lunch.