Our Weekend Away!

We had the most perfect weekend.  Picture it:  A weekend in beautiful Lake Tahoe, No snow, No children, too many friends to count all staying at the same place, the wedding of two dear friends. This was our life for two days and it was undeniably blissful!  You could feel all of the love and friendship in the air everywhere you turned.

How wonderfully relaxed do we look!?

Congrats to Kevin and Marissa!

We left the girls at home. Nana and Auntie came up with Elijah and Evan to keep Maisy and Maren company.  They had a very exciting time.  There was always something going on it seemed.  I left them a full 5-page manual on how to care for the girls and the house.  This really shows my crazy more than it shows how super competent they  are.

Elijah trying to hold Evan while Evan tries to steal blocks from a forceful Maisy
Evan taking Maren for a ride
King Elijah and Princess Maisy during a sweet and quiet moment

Maisy didn't go down to sleep too well the first night.  In her hysterics she finally wailed to Nana, "Why did my family do this to me?" wondering why Todd and I had left her.  The next morning she seemed to have come to terms with it.  She asked Nana, "Are you and Auntie going to live here now?"  Nana said, "No, we have to go back home."  Maisy replied, "But my Mom and Dad chose not to live here anymore."  I guess she figured she better get her affairs in order! She soon moved on, but was very happy to see us show back up at the door.  Poor Maren caught a cold while we were gone, but other than that did very well.

We can't thank Nana and Auntie enough.  

The weekend was so fabulous.  We both returned home feeling full inside and happy all over!