Our first family outing to the beach

The family at Kehoe Beach

The day was beautiful and warm so we decided to take a drive to the coast.

We drove for more than two hours to a beach just north of Point Reyes named Kehoe Beach.

We had to hike in, which is just what we were looking for- a good walk and a bit of time to relax.

What kind of kid doesn’t love the beach-  sand, sun and waves?  Well the kind of kid like Maisy- that’s who!  (Okay, granted she’s only an infant- but come on!)  We walked 25 minutes to reach the beach from where we’d parked.  We scouted out the perfect spot after 10 more minutes of walking and set ourselves up.  Within seconds Maisy was protesting.  We tried feeding her, distracting her, making her warmer and bouncing her.  The only thing that worked was for me to stand half bouncing half dancing on the beach.  Thank goodness I was holding a baby otherwise I would have looked like some strung out love child on the beach with horrible rhythm.  We quickly realized this was going to be relaxing for no one.  After about 10 minutes we decided we should leave.  So we packed up our goods we hiked in and set out for another 25 minutes back to the car and another 2 hours home.

Our outing didn’t go quite as planned-  but we think it’s important to keep trying!

She’s been a bit grumpy since we’ve gotten home and the only two things that sooth her are me holding her in my arms while dancing to inappropriate hip-hop in the living room, or todd sitting in the glider rocking Maisy to the wonderful tune of purchased vacuum cleaner noise (thank you itunes!!).

So I type from Maisy’s room in the dark with vacuum sounds blasting in my left ear.

At least Maisy is happy!

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