One week left?? (39 weeks pregnant)

39 weeks

Today was my 39 week appointment.  The doctor was pleased I gained a couple of pounds, but she measured the baby and she was measuring 36-37 weeks, so she got out her trusty ol’ ultrasound machine out to get more measurements.  She still thinks the baby is small and may weigh about 6 pounds (bigger than the estimate 2 weeks ago), but says estimates can be off either way by 1 pound.  She referred me for a “real” ultrasound in radiology because she wants a second opinion and in radiology they can see how the blood is flowing in and out of the placenta.  She said she’s not super concerned that she may just be a small kid and it most likely means nothing- but she wants to rule out the placenta not delivering enough nutrients to the baby.  They are supposed to call me to schedule my appointment.  I imagine it will be soon because there isn’t much time left!  The doctor also checked my progress and I’m 1 cm dilated and the baby is VERY low.  I feel like a bowling ball is being cradled in my pelvis.  Still, I’m not completely uncomfortable and my energy is still good.  The doctor did say she doesn’t really want me exercising and wants all of my extra calories going to the baby.

By comparison, if there is any, here is last week’s photo.

38 weeks

Maisy has been going through a bit of an aggressive phase which is no fun for anyone.  I’m hoping she’ll outgrow it soon.  Anyone know of any good books about being gentile and nice?  She’s also learned a fancy trick of taking off her pull up without us knowing before she falls asleep for the night, so she’s been waking around 2am wet, confused and sad.  Then Todd and I have to comfort her, change her and the bed.  It also takes her and me another couple of hours to fall back to sleep.  Hope this is a quick phase too!  I’m getting tired of changing the bed daily and being up all night!

On a positive note, we did finish our ABC’s!  We haven’t started any new lessons, but imagine when we do, we’ll move onto numbers.  In the background of the picture below are all the letters we’ve colored and done gluing crafts with.

Maisy celebrating Z-day!

We went to our cloth diaper class at Tot Tank in Alameda this weekend while Uncle Steven played with Maisy at a nearby park.  It was very informative and really helped us to feel that we are doing the right thing by using and laundering our own cloth diapers with the new baby.  We just wish we would have done it with Maisy too.  I’m so excited to see how it actually goes.

So now we just wait. I’ve had a few cramps and contractions, but obviously nothing that would make a baby come out!  My next appointment is next Monday.

More later!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl