Oh the joys of parenthood!

Maisy continues to grow and become more and more aware of her surroundings.  Last week she discovered her voice and now squeals and yells – often!  It’s kinda funny and kinda weird to have your 4 month old child yelling at you.  The pictures here were taken today in our front yard.  For some reason whenever we are outside in the front taking pictures, Lilly our nutty cat, decides to slip into the back groud.

We had quite a night last night.  Maisy had woken from a 5 hour sleep stretch from 12am to 5am (good)!  I went in to get her and realized she had pooed through her clothes, even though I had changed her at 12am (bad).  So I changed her diaper, put some nice clean jammies on her and fixed up her crib.  I began feeding her (good).  She was almost done with a long 15 minute feeding when she started to cough like something had “gone down the wrong pipe”.  I sat her up and gently rubbed her back waiting for her to clear her throat.  Well she cleared it alright- all the way down from her toes- everything came up in a nice warm projectile fashion IN THEDARK (bad!)  So after I got over the moment of shock (what the heck just happened!?)  I decided I needed Todd for this.  I went and got him up and he was in charge of changing her jammies AGAIN- and I went down to make a bottle for her- as my milk was all over me, her, the glider and the floor.  The good news is, that I came back upstairs with the bottle, fed her and put her right back down without a hitch and she slept until 9am with no further incident (good).

That’s all for now.

Much love to all- Todd, Becky and Maisy