October, pumpkins and spiders!

Well with Todd gone for pretty much the whole first half of October, we've been trying our best to keep busy.

It was quite rainy for a while so we have been doing some inside stuff.

We made

ricotta gnocchi

.  Maisy was actually a super big help!!  I measured ingredients and she poured them in.  She even cracked eggs!  I rolled the dough and she cut it and put it on a tray. We were quite the machine! And to top it off it was delicious!

Cutting the gnocchi up.

Luckily Todd came home late Saturday night and we went to a

Perry's Pumpkin Patch

in Fremont at

Ardenwood Farm


Pumpkin Fairies!

Maren and me in the garden at the farm.

It was so much fun!  It was harvest time at the farm, so we were able to pick our own popcorn and indian corn.  Picking indian corn is such a fun treasure hunt.  First you have to hunt and hunt for the ear of corn to harvest, then when you pick it, you get to unravel it to see if it is good and if so, what colors are inside!  

Proud corn pickers!

Later that night we went to dinner to keep our time together easy and fun!  To our surprise Maren picked up a crayon and actually DREW for the first time.

(she drew the red scribbles- not the hearts and flower :-)

For an after nap activity we decorated pumpkin by gluing buttons and little sparkly balls on tiny pumpkins.

Pumpkin decorating.

Today started with science class and bubble and wind play at San Pablo park.

Maisy had a good time.

After we got home we discovered a HUGE spider right by our front door.  We've been bombarded with these things. I run into one of their webs almost daily.  We don't need to decorate for Halloween.  Our house looks like Halloween!  Do you know how gross and icky it is to have to freak out- every time just to make sure a giant spider isn't crawling on you?  Try doing that while carrying a baby and loading the kids in the car for school!?  Ugh.  So today we decided to capture one.  Wetsy is now sitting on our counter.  Maisy named her.  No idea why she picked Wetsy.  No idea what we are going to do with Wetsy.

Maisy checking out our 8 legged freak.

Meet Wetsy.

Maren "talking" about Wetsy.

Maren super studying Wetsy.

We miss Todd but are keeping plenty busy exploring and doing.  Maisy is just more grown up everyday.

Just the other day we were on my bed as I was folding laundry and she said to me, "Mom, this is my bras."  She had wrapped my eye mask around her chest.  She continued, "I took your car and bought it myself.  But I was really careful.  I didn't even get lost."  Nice.  She cracks me up.  Maisy is continuing to do well at preschool.  The teachers are very impressed with her focus, concentration, self expression, vocabulary and artistic skills (so are we!).  She draws full figures of people with separate appendages, hair and even fingers.  Then she makes up elaborate stories about them.  She's starting to learn to read simple words by sounding them out and learning some words by sight.

Maren is getting to be so much like a kid too!  She isn't walking yet, but will push her walker around and cruise all over.  She is a climber, something that Maisy never was.  She will try to scale anything, so I really need to keep an eye on her, because she seems to think she's already 3.  Maren is getting a bit more verbal.  She says Hat, Mama, Dada, Light and Hi.  She loves animal sounds.  But all her animal sounds are the same.  It's hilarious. When ever she sees an animal, she roars, even if it's a cat or a cow.  "Roooooaaarrrggh"  is what she says.  Cracks us up!  She is signing a LOT!  She signs, cat, dog, giraffe, light, all done, hi, hair, hat, shoes, baby, food, water, flower, milk and more.  What she can't express that way, there is always pointing and grunting.  She is such a happy baby and really loving to join in with Maisy in play.  Its so fun to watch the girls grow up together.  

Todd comes home tomorrow night. Yay!  Then we are off to Tahoe on Friday and Saturday for Marissa and Kevin's Wedding.  My wonderful sister is driving up from LA to come stay with the girls for the weekend.  Kim, you're the best!  Thank you!  Maisy is so excited that Auntie is coming.  She asks every morning if it's Friday yet!

More later!