Observing a Sick Day

Maisy's school has just started offering parental workshops.  The first talk was last night, "Observe to Understand Your Child's Behavior". There was one particular exercise that stuck with me.  We were asked to think of a person from your youth who held you in high regard and thought you were terrific.  Then think of their actions and words towards you.  

I immediately thought of my Uncle Bill.  He always called my sister and I, "The shortest PEOPLE" he knew.  Looking back, I really appreciated being called people (with the humor) and not kids.  When we would express dislike for situations or things, he would really look at us and talk to us like people and ask us why we felt that way and have a real discussion and he'd sympathize with us.  He'd ask us how life was- like we actually had one!  At the same time, he was silly and fun.  He'd hide things in silly places for us to find after he left. So, he treated us like adults, yet, he was so silly and child-like himself.  Now, the point of all that was- the next time your kid is really pushing your buttons or you are annoyed with your child, go back and remember what your person did for you and re-focus on your own child and try to bring some of those qualities into your interaction.  (Humor, trust, respect, safeness, EMPATHY).  That point just really stuck with me and I thought, I'd share and I also wanted to collect my thoughts on Uncle Bill.  I'm so bummed he died before Todd and the girls ever got to meet him.

On another note, Maisy had her first sick day.  She started with runny nose and watery eyes on Wednesday that turned into runny nose yesterday, then today she woke up with a tiny cough and some congestion.  We aren't too sure about the rules on when to keep a kid home from school, so we played it safe, although as the day has progressed she's been just fine and we should have sent her happy little self to school!  Oh well- you live and learn.  Poor Maren caught a mild case of it and had a low grade fever last night, so I was up most of the night. Today she's a little runny.  I'm sure she'll bounce back soon!

The nice thing about staying home is that Todd and Maisy had some time to get a bit of activity in this morning.  Maisy woke up requesting to make a paper doll inspired by the book 

The Paper Princess Finds Her Way


Maisy's paper doll "Angelina Ballerina"

Artist at work

Have a great day!!


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren