My Dolly Valentine

All of the dolls

I was again inspired by Pinterest.  I saw these stick dolls and thought, what a great activity!  

I picked up a box of craft sticks at Target and I had a pile of stained up clothes in my closet from the girls that I've been saving for an activity just like this!  I'm so happy to finally be putting them to use.  We got out some glue, pens and crayons and we were in the lovey doll making business.  


Creative re-use of older clothes!

Maren getting going on her doll.

Maisy gluing on a bathing suit to her doll.

My Dolly Valentine

About 3 dolls in I had the spectacular idea to make enough for Maisy to give out to each one of her friends at pre-school for Valentine's Day.  I'm taking the easy way out and not labeling each doll per child. Any doll can be show love and be loved by any classmate!  

She is over half-way done writing "LOVE MAISY" on the back of each doll.  She loved designing the clothes for the dolls and Maren was pretty good at drawing the legs and some hair.  She was especially good at guiding me in which colors I should be making the eyes, nose, hair, etc.  Over all super fun (and productive!) activity for all!!

Happy early Valentine's Day, Love Maisy and Maren!!

Maisy and Maren's stick dolls

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