Mother's Day and beyond

Frontier Family at the Oakland Museum of California on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was lovely.  I didn’t lift a finger and we had the most fabulous day that started at Sweet Adeline’s, meandered to a walk along Lake Merritt, a look around the new Oakland Museum of California (wonderful by the way- it’s a must see) then a bike ride to dinner.

Todd being super Dada flying outside of a 1960’s plane and Maisy playing with an ashtray

Super en vogue Maisy as the newest and most amazing exhibit at the new Oakland Museum of California

Todd surprised me with a fantastic new bike, one I never thought I’d have and it’s a dream to ride- it’s like floating down the road.  Now I understand why so many folks really ENJOY this biking thing!  Betty (the bike) has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Taking the first spin on Betty!

Maisy was very tired after the museum and before dinner- we were even able to take her picture while sleeping, a rare opportunity!

Knocked out Maisy

Today we had our prenatal appointment and it all went just fine.  Maisy helped  to hear the heartbeat again and she did a great job.  My next appointment is on May 28, when I’ll also do the glucose test and have my blood checked again.

More later-

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl