The checker said something to us we didn’t understand…. then he held up grocery bags and said “Quattro?”.  Todd said, “si” and I said, “I don’t know how every many it takes”.  As it turns out you have to buy grocery bags, that’s why he was asking.  So we got 4 bags.

Then it was time to pay for produce.  He picked up our pear and said to me, “Kaiser”.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  “Is he German?” So I went back to where we got the pear and found number on the sign.  I came back and said “14” then drew a one and a four in the palm of my hand.  He just kept saying, “Kaiser”.  Then with a frantic grin, he motioned for me to follow him.  He took me and Todd back to produce and showed us there is this little weighing machine that you put that number 14 into and it prints a sticker to tell you how much your produce costs.  He printed our sticker and another lesson was learned.  The pear was a Kaiser pear, by the way.

Besides Todd’s barley coffee mishap, we made some other interesting purchases. When we arrived home, we realized we had bought:

  • Laundry softener instead of Laundry soap
  • Barley tea instead of coffee
  • Liquid dishsoap instead of the dishwasher detergent

the dishsoap, by the way, made a lovely rabid, foaming at the mouth, dishwasher in our kitchen – a good tip that we bought the wrong soap.

Our second trip to the store was yesterday.  This time we brought and used our little Italian language book.