Done laying butterfly eggs, now coloring in our butterfly life cycle sheet

We were reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar today, when I got the idea to turn it into a fun art project/learning experience….so off I went to our craft drawer!

Building our caterpillar

We learned the four stages of metamorphosis in the life cycle of the butterfly.  1.  Egg, 2.  Larva (caterpillar), 3.  Pupa (chrysalis), 4.  Adult Butterfly.  We made all four stages.

Our finished Larva

Maisy had fun building and coloring the different parts.  She’s getting very good at following instructions and her dexterity is improving greatly!

Our Pupa cocoon

Maisy decided to give herself a little 80’s make over while decorating our caterpillar.  She’s so retro!

A butterfly emerging

Not too sure how much she got of the actual lesson, but the road getting there was fun!

It’s a beautiful butterfly!

Potty training is still going perfectly- no accidents.  We are completely diaper free during the waking hours.

When I asked Maisy for her latest input on baby names, her newest suggestions are- Huggie, America and BooBoo.  Maybe toddlers have much greater insight than we know, but still I doubt these will make the cut!

As for the new baby updates, I was supposed to have an appointment yesterday, which I completely forgot about and was happily shopping in Target instead- oops.  Pregnancy brain is emerging!  My appointment is rescheduled for May 6th, so more info then.

More later-

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl