Memorial Day Weekend

Maisy and Todd getting the trailer ready

Nothing says the beginning of summer like your very first bike ride!  Maren had her first cruise on a bike.  We got the girls in their new bike trailer and set off for a little ride.  All was fun and games at first, then the gravity of the situation (or helmet) sunk in and the glee was all but gone.  We got the girls out of the trailer for bit and then got back on the bikes and headed home.  All was well again.

Sisters in the trailer

Todd, Maisy, Baby Snow and Maren (Maren's helmet, rather)

Maisy has really started to like to play with her dolls. Her favorite doll is Baby Snow (White).  Baby Snow comes with us everywhere and Maisy takes excellent care of her!

Maisy wearing Baby Snow on one of her favorite activities.  Walking around the neighborhood collecting flowers.  Roses and dandelions are her favorite.  Luckily the neighbors think Maisy's cute and they don't mind that we clip their buds.

We helped our friend Kevin celebrate getting his MBA with a rainy BBQ at their place. Rowan and Reid were also there to celebrate.  Yari was showing off his doggie tricks and the kids thought- they could top Yari in the jumping through hoops contest!

Rowan and Maisy hoop jumping

To keep the wee one's occupied Winnie the Pooh was put on and we lined them up and let them enjoy.  It gave us 20 minutes of still and quiet kids.

Reid, Rowan, Maisy and Maren all in comfy line

Today was so beautiful that after we ran our morning errands we had a nice picnic in the front backyard.

mmmm applesauce and tortilla bits!

We are busy getting ready for Maisy's 3rd birthday party next weekend!  Time sure has flown.  We now have a full little girl- no more baby.  Todd and Maisy worked on putting a kid's sized table together for her party.  Maisy was a big help.

Getting the job done!

Maren is on the mend and is doing her weird sit, scoot all around

Maren moving

We have also signed up to participate in the AIDS Walk SF again this year.  It will be Maren's first walk and Maisy's 3rd!!  I've already met my fundraising goal of $200, but Todd is still short.  If you can- we'd love your support.  Please sponsor


.  We are so proud and happy to raise our girls to know they can and should care for others!!

Much love,

Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren