Mashin' some fashion!

We've had some movements in the fashion world!

Maren has started sporting some adorable little pig tails!  So happy she has hair to make super cute.

She's also done a bit of BBQ facials.

Maren is crawling and crawling all over!  She's pulling up to standing on everything.  She has yet to stand on her own or "cruise", but she's definitely on the move!  It's amazing to think in just a couple of weeks she'll be a year old.  

Maisy has been on a pajama strike.  She really wants night gowns and we don't have any.  At nana's house she wore one of nana's tank blouses for a night gown.  She decided this is what she wants to wear.  So now I've been fitting her with one of my tank tops and tying a ribbon in the back to make it stay on her shoulders.

She has also been voicing more opinions about how her hair should be done.

Girls sitting side by side in the Costco shopping cart.  Maisy with fun cute pony on the right and business princess bun on the left.

I've started doing some more learning activities with Maisy again when she wakes early from her nap.

This is a game where you match the baby animal to the mommy animal.

I got these from a mommy blog I follow called countingcoconuts. Next week we begin travels again- Yay for adventure!


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren