Marching in Portland

We had a wonderful trip to Portland.  What a great city!!  All of the cute shops, breakfast nooks, kid-friendly restaurants/pubs- and not to mention the family and friends!  I thought we had it good here....  The city seemed to charm us through rain rain and more rain.  When we arrived back at home the sun was partially shining and we actually felt the warmth of the sun on our skin.  Ahhh sun warm warm sun is so great.  We never thought we'd long for 60 degrees! 

Our poor cat Lilly was locked outside for 4 days.  We called it camping.  Our neighbor Emily was super awesome and set up a camp for her on our porch and tried tried tried to get her inside to no avail.  

We stayed with our friend Lisa.  She has a beautiful and homey home that she graciously let us take over.  We all felt so comfy and welcomed.  Maisy especially loved her "friend" Lisa.  She and Lisa played Gobblet over and over and over.  Lisa was our priceless tour guide and wonderful companion after the kids were asleep.  Ahh adult conversation! 

Lisa and Maisy at breakfast

We also got to hang out with my Dad.  It was a special occasion because we haven't been up to see him since Maisy was 8 weeks old.  It's like she didn't miss a beat!  She instantly took to Grandpa- shunning Todd and I for him.

Right after getting out of the car to see Grandpa 

We went to the Portland Children's Museum

.  VERY awesome HUGE play place for kids.  It's like our Habitot on steroids.  We had a very nice time with Dad. Maisy dragged us all through the museum.  After an hour and a half though we were all ready to go.  

Dad, Maisy, Me and Maren in the clay area

Maren playing with beads

Huge light bright table

Happy baby Maren sitter in the baby clay area

After the museum we went for a very tasty lunch.  Maisy sat next to Grandpa and was happy as a clam to chat him up through the meal.

Maren enjoying her lunch

We made sure to run home for naps each day.  Which kind of put a limit to how much we could do.  We were really happy the girls were able to take naps in the same room and go down to bed at the same time each night.  We did have the unfortunate experience of Maren throwing up for the first time.  We don't know why she threw up but she cried at about 12 am and I went to check on her and she was all cold and wet and I turned on the light and oh my- what a mess!  Thank goodness we were at Lisa's and not a hotel!  Lisa quickly got the bed coverings and clothes, Maren's special blanket and all in the wash, I washed Maren in the tub and Todd washed the pack n play out.  Geez- it really does take a village sometimes!  We got her all situated again and she spent the night with me in the bed and Todd slept on the couch since she couldn't use her puke n play for the night.  Maisy, surprisingly, slept through all if it and Maren slept very soundly at my side.  It was a very special and cuddly experience since she never sleeps with us.  I'm actually kind of thankful it happened.

We fit a lot into our few days there.  On Friday night we went to my Aunt Caroline and Uncle George's.  We were in town for their 50th wedding anniversary.  It was so good to see family that we don't see often.  Aunt Caroline shared photos with me that I'd never seen.  Dad agreed to let me take them back home to scan to share with the rest of the family.

Aunt Caroline, Maren and Dad

Cousin Dylan makes Maisy fresh squeezed orange juice while Maisy and Aunt Caroline watch.

My cousin Sean has amazing sons, Dylan and Austin.  Maisy was just enamored with her cousin Dylan!

Their wedding anniversary party was on Saturday night.  Maisy and Maren did quite well.  Auntie Peggy and my cousin Ryan also attended.  We had a great time.  Maisy danced Auntie Peggy in circles until she (Auntie Peggy) was sick.  Maisy loves loves loves Auntie Peggy and talked about her the rest of the trip.  

Maisy, Ryan and Auntie Peggy

Maisy and Auntie Peggy spin

Auntie Peggy (8) Aunt Caroline (18) Uncle George (18) 1961 Wedding Day  

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

When asked what their secret to a long marriage was Uncle George answered, "Marry the right person" and Aunt Caroline added, "Never give up, just keep going." 

Maisy and Aunt Caroline Dance

Dad and Auntie Peggy

We were able to catch up with Todd's cousin Amy as well, who lives in Portland.  I tell you- it's home away from home.  We actually have more family (on both sides) in Portland than we do here in Berkeley!  We went to a YUMMY restaurant called


.  Talk about delicious!  We had a great time catching up and then going for a chilly stroll around the neighborhood.  We wish we would have had more time to hang out with Amy.  It's never long enough!

Amy and Maren in Gravy (what could be better!?)

Maisy, Todd, Amy, Ginger

Maisy and Amy walking Ginger

We had to head out early Sunday morning to make our flight back to Oakland.  It was cruddy to have to get up so early, but nice to have the rest of Sunday to recuperate, because we needed it!  

We don't have any travel planned until May.  We are definitely going to enjoy April at home and our new kitchen slated to be finished the first week of April.  We are quickly tiring of washing dishes in the bathroom sink-  Gross.

Happy April!


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren