March come and gone (18 weeks pregnant).

In the aquarium tunnel

Lots of fun stuff happened in March.  Kim (my sister- also pregnant due end of Sept.), Rigo and Elijah came for a long weekend and we had great trips to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and to Children’s Fairy Land in Oakland.  We were so happy they could come.  We miss them lots!

Maisy meets Snow White

Maisy and Elijah got along really well.  Maisy looks up to Elijah very much and now knows who Michael Jackson is and asks about him (MJ) often.

Kissing cousins

Since the weather has been more pleasant we took a trip to Tilden Park to ride the steam trains.  Maisy is a big fan!

Steam Trains in Tilden Park

Waiting to take off

We celebrated Uncle Steven’s 30th birthday as well!  Maisy was very excited to show off her “Happy Birthday” singing skills and especially enjoyed the happy birthday cake.  She wishes every day was Uncle Steven’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday Uncle Steven!!

Maisy and I are doing a lot more fun projects at home.  We’ve done maps, play doh, wand making (out of a stick and yarn) and baking.  She is learning and learning-  She can now confidently count to 3 and can pick out about 5 letters.  She got her last two canine teeth as well.  So now she has a full set of chompers.  She is very into “baby” and loves reading books about babies and older sisters.  It’s adorable- if you ask her how old she is, she replies, “Older sister.”  Also a cute Maisyism- we have a Buddha on our window sill in our kitchen.  She likes to kiss the “baby Buddha”.  One day Maisy and Todd were dancing to some music and Todd said, “Yeah, shake your booty!”.  Maisy said, “Yeah, shake the Buddha!”  So she now refers to dancing as, “Shaking the Buddha.”

Little Geographer

And last but not least update on the baby to be news.  We had two appointments in March, the last one being today and they have both gone very well.  They had to up my thyroid medicine because my levels were a bit high.  The doctor will have to test me every 6 weeks to make sure my levels stay within the normal range.  Maisy comes to the appointments with me in her stroller and is a very good girl. She wants to know exactly what everyone is doing and where they are going, usually saying, “Who is that guy?”.  That’s her statement for pretty much anything, (What is that?  Who is that? Why?). So, we are working on that.  Maisy holds the doppler for the doctor while we listen to the baby’s nice strong heartbeat.  She is a very proud big sister helper!  We go on April 15 for our big ultrasound, where we will find out the sex of the baby.  So more then!

Here is a picture taken today at 18 weeks.  I’m finally starting to look a little big pregnant and a little bit less like I ate February.

Self Portrait (the best I could do) at 18 weeks pregnant

Much love, Todd, Becky and Maisy