Maisy's Trip to Las Vegas

O ver the weekend Maisy expanded her travels from LA, Portland, Santa Barbara and New York to include Las Vegas.  We went to celebrate my cousin Sarah’s wedding.  Congratulations Sarah and Tim!

Becky with cousins Sarah and Stephanie

So here’s how it went in Maisy’s words:

Mom and Dad woke me up so early at like 6 am and then we went in the car and to this very busy place where they made me and Mom walk through this huge scanner thing.  Then we got into this big tube with wings that flies.  I slept pretty well on that thing.  Then we got out of the tube and got into another car.  We ended up at this HUGE green hotel called the MGM.  My Mom and Dad were hungry so they took me out into the casino and to the shops and restaurants to get food.  I wasn’t interested in them eating so I just yelled and yelled and told them I wanted to go home.  Everything was so loud and blinky.  I just didn’t know what to do.  Mom and Dad took me back to our hotel room and put me in this really cool short little crib and I played for quite a while and then took a little nap.  As I was just getting so comfy Mom and Dad woke me up to go to a church and watch cousin Sarah get married.

After the wedding we went to cousin Steph’s house.  There were so many people there and everyone wanted to say hi to me, but I just wanted to sleep, but couldn’t relax!  So Mom put me in the baby carrier and I finally fell asleep while she was wearing me.  I got to sleep for a couple of hours and my Mom and Dad got to do that eating thing again.  I woke up and smiled, cooed and visited with family for a little bit, then I got tired again and I decided it was time to go.  Luckily Mom and Dad were listening to me and we left promptly.

Back at the hotel we walked through more and more blinky lights and many sounds.  I didn’t like this.  We got back to our room and I went to sleep right away.  At about 4 am after my feeding I decided I was not tired anymore, so I just talked and talked and talked for about 3 hours.  My Mom and Dad thought I was saying, “Ahhh, Ahhh, OOoh, ummm”, but they can’t quite understand me yet.  I was really saying, “And the lights they were, blinking and blinking and blinking and blinking and those machines were dinging and dinging and dinging and dinging”.  Finally at 7am I fell asleep again, but Mom and Dad woke me up at 8:30am because we had to go back on that tube with wings!  I really don’t like that tube!  I screamed almost all the way home.  Mom looked really frazzled too.  But we finally got back to our house and I was so happy to take a nap in my own bed and now I’m all happy, but I still don’t like rice cereal.

Much love to all- Todd, Becky and Maisy