Maisy's life at 5 weeks old

Maisy in her Rain Forest

Life is starting to return to “normal”

W e have had a couple more weeks with many new adventures and firsts!

Since I’ve had a couple of questions about the pronunciation of Maisy- it’s said Mazey.  Now that that’s out of the way- here is our update and some pictures.

Grandma and Grandpa J came to visit from New York when Maisy was 2 weeks old and that was a very exciting adventure.  It was the first time Maisy had ever been to a restaurant.  Jupiter in Berkeley was her very first dining experience.  She did pretty darn well if you ask me!

The following week we drove down to LA to attend a baby shower.  It was hot as heck in LA.  The car ride both on the way there and on the way back went super smoothly.  Luckily she just slept the whole way.  While we were there Maisy was able to meet lots of new people.  She had her first trip to Santa Monica 3rd street promenade and the boardwalk.  She liked it.  She also really enjoyed meeting Elijah, her big boy cousin, Uncle Rigo and Papa.  She also loved to see Nana and Auntie again.



top left:  Maisy and big boy cousin Elijah, top right:  Todd attempting to take Maisy swimming on July 12th, bottom left:  On the boardwalk in Santa Monica, bottom right:  Out to lunch on July 11th 

Becky and Maisy at the pool- it’s her first bathing suit!

Last week we just got more into our “routine” if we can call it that.  We have started to try to ensure she is awake for at least a half hour after each feeding during the day and Todd gives Maisy a bottle of milk every evening around 8 which is the beginning of her bedtime routine.  She’s been sleeping for a good four hour stretch after we first put her down- then she wakes to feed again.  It’s sometimes hard to get her back to sleep after that, so she often ends up in bed with us.  Usually she’ll be asleep for another three to four hours- and wake up at about six or seven.  If it’s a fantastic day, we can get her back to sleep- if not, it’s time to get up and make the coffee!  She is definitely getting more fun.  She is smiling and enjoying looking at toys and being played with by us.  We sing and dance a lot with her.  Those are Maisy’s hobbies for now.  We went to the doctor last week about her belly button- it wasn’t drying up- and she is now up to 9 pounds (and her belly button is all good now too).

She had her very first bath on July 12th.  She wasn’t super sure about it.

So we all just keep learning and growing together!  It’s getting more and more fun everyday.  We will have our first airplane adventure later this month when we go up to Oregon for a wedding and to meet some family and friends.

Much love-

Todd, Becky and Maisy