Maisy's Famous

Maisy’s name in concrete corner of Ellis and Woolsey

Maisy has made her mark

I n our neighborhood they are putting in roundabouts in our “intersections”.  Yesterday the men were working hard at creating this roundabout and they were pouring concrete.  I wondered if they would let Maisy leave her mark.  So she and I walked down there, looking ever so cute and asked very nicely.  At first they were reluctant and then they agreed saying, “It’s like Hollywood!”.  So Maisy left her mark for ever and ever and ever.  We think it’s so cool that years from now we can come back and see Maisy’s little handprint from when she had just turned 4 months old.

Yesterday was also a big day for all of us… we got to hear the first hint of a laugh.  The video below is Maisy’s first chuckle.  We hope to keep practicing to get a full belly laugh going soon.

Everyday is such a new adventure and she is getting so much more interactive and responsive.  I LOVE to see her staring back at me, just smiling as if I’m the only person in the universe…. just melts my heart.

Much love-

Todd, Becky and Maisy