Maisy is turning 8 months old

“I loooove bath time- hey check out my two bottom teeth!”

Maisy has been growing by leaps and bounds before our eyes.  It truly is amazing.

Last Tuesday January 27th, Maisy learned to do the big girl crawl instead of a an army scoot.

Finally crawling with belly off the floor!

She’s moved onto bigger people finger foods like, small pieces of cheese, whole wheat bread and very cooked carrots.  This week she managed to feed herself her first zweiback toast-mmm.

Okay, but how do I eat this?

1st Zweiback down

We knew she was getting close to being able to pull herself up on things, but yesterday when I went to get her from a nap, she was standing in her crib and holding onto the side.  She now tries to pull up on everything- which means, we really can’t take our eyes off of her- as she is really not that skilled at this new trick.

Our standing Maisy

Happy girl

This week Maisy has actually shown interest in a book that you read to her- by responding to the pictures and trying to touch the images.  This is much more than the tactic of eating the book she was so fond of just a week ago.

Maisy likes to go to the park and swing.  Last week we met a little friend there.  We are completely taking advantage of this amazingly warm January!

Maisy having a laughing good time!

Today, she mastered putting cereal in her mouth without our help.  This has been such a crazy developmental week for her!  She has mastered eating out at restaurants.  We have to go early- but she sits in her highchair and eats her dinner, just happy as a clam.

Out for a steak dinner with Mike, Angie and Rowan mmmm tasty!

Today was a beautiful day out.  We took a nice walk before heading over to Matt, Abby and Evan’s for the big game.

Todd and Maisy getting their shades on for a sunny stroll

Just too cute not to share!

We are loving all of the new stages Maisy is going though-  If this is this much fun, I can’t even imagine what the future has in store for us.

Much love-

Todd, Becky and Maisy