Maisy is a little walker!

Walking with Daddy along the path by Old Faithful

Maisy came through just in time with her walking skills.  She took her first steps on August 12th.  It was perfect timing as she was set to be the flower girl in Todd’s cousin’s wedding (Congratulations Daniel and Theresa) in Montana just a week later.  She walked down the isle like a pro.  Todd dropped her off at the end and I snuck around front and she walked down the isle with the biggest smile on her face.  It was adorable!

Swing me Daddy!

Uncle Steven, Maisy, Daddy and Papa J

Getting our dance on

We took the opportunity to make a family vacation out of our trip to Bozeman, MT for the wedding.  We stopped and saw Yellowstone along the way.  Truly an amazing and very unique place!

Waterfall in Big Sky, MT

Upon returning home Maisy and I joined a music class for little folk.  Maisy enjoys playing with the instruments and other kids.  We also enjoy regular driveway play dates with Maisy’s good friend Evan.  We are so sad to see them moving next month!

First Music Class

Going tap-tap-tap on the stairs with Evan

We were only home from Montana for a few short days before heading to HOTHOTHOT Los Angeles for cousin Elijah’s 4th birthday!  We had a great time.

Happy Birthday, Elijah!

Bye, Nana and Papa!

As the saying goes it’s good to be away, but it’s good to be home!!  We are happy we are home for a while now to really get down to work on our front back yard, which has been in the state of torn up for over a month!  We are lucky enough to celebrate our 9th anniversary of dating (today actually) and next week our 3rd wedding anniversary.  Time flies when you’re having fun!!

Maisy goes for her 15 month shots later this month.  She’s also getting her two top 1st molars in and doing really well with them.  Not too much fussiness.  Maisy’s language skills have just really exploded!  She can say so many words now- and imitate almost anything you ask her to, although not always on command.  Time to really pay attention to what comes out of OUR mouths!

Lesson of the month:  Don’t go into a store with a child that can walk (who is not yet under voice command) without some sort of restraint, like a stroller or a cart.  Trying to chase Maisy down or hold her hand while she squirms away, while my hands are full of Hardware goods is not an easy task. Paying at the check out is even more tricky- as every time I tried to get my wallet, Maisy tried to escape.  Finally the checker lady, a grandmotherly looking woman, asked if it would be helpful if she held Maisy while I paid and yes it was helpful.  Whew.  Won’t do that again!

Hope you are all having a great September!

Much love, Todd, Becky and Maisy