Maisy helped Mommy Vote

Hooray for OBAMA!!

I took Maisy with me on this historic voting day down to our polling location at the elementary school down on the corner.  She was very good while I was voting.  She was so nice to even hold my voting receipt.

Todd and I are so happy to have Maisy be there to witness a real movement toward change in our country.  We are so proud and hopeful for her future- that anything can happen- anything is now possible!  We are a bit saddened though- it looks like Prop 8 (ban on gay marriage) is going to pass in California.  It’s heartbreaking that there are people out there who believe that it is okay to deny anyone the right to get married- deny anyone the right to love who they want.  We are beside ourselves wondering how you can put discrimination into law like that.  Yesterday’s elections have shown how far we have come and still how far we still have to go.

On a different note, Maisy still does not like rice cereal, even if the deal is sweetened with bananas.

This shh is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Much love to all- Todd, Becky and Maisy