Maisy at 4 months old

M aisy is now 4 months old.  She continues to amaze us everyday with her new tricks and her ability to connect with us.  She is smiling a lot these days, but we have yet to hear the sweet sound of baby giggles.  Maisy is getting to be a pro at grabbing at toys and has even rolled over a couple of times (both front to back and back to front) but I think they are just “accidents”.

Maisy took her first very big trip last week.  We unexpectedly decided to head out to Lake George, where Todd grew up, to visit the grandparents and very importantly Todd’s amazing 98 year old grandmother, Alice.  Maisy took to Grandma wonderfully.  It was such a happy moment to see them together.  On the trip Maisy also had her first boat ride down Lake George.  The sound of the motor, water and the rocking of the boat put her right to sleep.

Being 4 months old also means more shots.  Maisy had her 4 month old appointment today and she got a clean bill of health.  She weighs 12 lbs and 14.8 oz and her length is 23.75 inches.  She did not like her shots at all and she screamed and cried (and broke my heart).  These round of shots seemed to hurt more than her last.  However, by bedtime, she was smiling and kicking her cute little legs again.

More later!

Much love to all- Todd, Becky and Maisy