Maisy at 2 years old

Sassy Maisy after her shots this morning

Maisy had her two year well baby appointment this morning. The doctor was very impressed with her language skills and calm and trusting nature. She is now up to 26 pounds and is 2 ’ 11" in height. She is in the 48th percentile for weight and 78 percentile for height.

She received her last 3 shots (Hep A, HIB and Pneumococcal Conjugate-13) today. Maisy will not need to go back to the doctor again until she is three and won’t need shots again until she is four! She was NOT happy with getting shots. It’s so hard to hold her down while someone pokes her, but it’s all for her and others’ in our community’s good! She’s a bit sore and mentions having a hurt leg, but she’ll be better in no time.

Maisy is now taking her first nap in her big girl bed. She slept like a princess last night. Hope this sticks.

I’m now 29 weeks pregnant- only 11 weeks left to go! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Here is a picture of me today. It seems that the baby has just grown by a lot in the last week.

29 Weeks!

More later-

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and baby girl