Maisy and the Garden

Maisy loves the new garden

Maisy had her 15 month doctor’s visit just yesterday.  She is doing wonderfully.  She is up to a whopping 20 pounds and a whole 2 feet and 7 inches tall.  She got two shots yesterday one being the flu shot.  She didn’t like getting those very much at all.  Luckily, I was able to get the inhaled flu vaccination- so no shots for me.  Around bedtime poor Maisy’s leg was so sore she didn’t even want to stand on it.  Some Tylenol and rest had her feeling tip top by morning though.

We are almost done with our garden and Maisy likes to go out and make sure everything is in order.  Here are a couple of pictures of her today checking it out.  We hope to finish the garden up this weekend.

Plopped in the garden!

Maisy and Becky are taking a trip to LA next week.  It should be a fun though HOT adventure.  It’s supposed to be sweltering.

Hope you are all having a great September!

Much love, Todd, Becky and Maisy