Maisy after Thanksgiving

Get in Shape Girl

M aisy decided to start early on her new years resolution to get out and take better care of herself!  The day after Thanksgiving- she put on a track suit, pulled back her hair and put her sneakers on.  She grabbed Nana and headed to the front yard for some walking exercises.

Maisy was so happy to have Nana help her out in the yard! (notice Lilly in the background again- it’s hilarious.  She’s like a little picture crasher!)

Happy Maisy and Nana

She became quite confident and later in the evening was showing off her sitting abilities, when all of a sudden she took a head dive right into the alphabet work bench.  OUCH!  Maisy got her very first bump on the head.  She recovered quickly and I think Todd and I were more shaken up than she was.  By the next morning the bump was gone and she now only has the tiniest bruise.

I’m a tough girl!

Much love to all and more later!

Todd, Becky and Maisy