Birth: Maisy Adelyn has arrived!

Maisy Adelyn on her birthday

Maisy finally made her appearance in record time on 5 June 2008! Todd and I both over joyed and completely in LOVE.

The birth story

I had been having regular contractions (tightening of the stomach nothing painful) the evening of 3 June.  At about 10 minutes apart, they continued through the morning of 5 June.   Luckily, they never hurt; they were just noticeable.   Todd and I spent June 3rd and 4th walking, walking, walking.  We looped through our neighborhood, walked to the market and looped through the neighborhood some more. At about 6am on June 5th the contractions grew closer together, and began hurting more.  I still didn’t believe this was labor.  By 10:30am, the contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart, lasting for over two hours, and really started to hurt. we picked up the phone.

We called into the Labor and Delivery Line, and they said to come in.  We thought THIS IS IT! Todd called my mom and sister who were on their way from LA.  We arrived at the hospital around 11:30 and I went into Triage to see if I would be admitted.  I hung out there for a while in a bit of pain and the hospital staff determined I was only 3cm dilated (although I was very close to a 4).  They will not keep you in the hospital unless you are a good 4, nearing 5, or your water has broken.

Todd and I had planned on having a medication free birth, but the doctor offered me a shot of morphine which  would help me relax, nap and let the contractions progress.  After discussing with Todd, we agreed to take the shot after initially declining.  After my shot, they sent us home, and said it could be much later in the day and possibly three days before  “active labor” began.  We called my mom and sister, who turned around and headed back to LA.

After returning home, I headed to bed for a nap and Todd went out to run errands.  It was about 12:30 at this time.  I was able to doze off very contently in between contractions.  Morphine was very kind to me.  After about only a half hour of dozing, my water broke and I rolled out of bed to save our mattress. :) I called Todd, told him the news and back to Labor and Delivery we went.  Todd called my mom and my sister and they turned around once again, to head back to the Bay.

I went into into triage (again!) and by around 2:30 we were in our birthing room.  I was now dilated to 5cm.  There, the contractions were getting stronger and stronger and coming almost back to back.  Unfortunately the morphine had run out.  The hospital staff explained that I could get a shot of fentanyl that would take the edge off, similar to the morphine.  I said, “yes, please” and about that epidural?  “Sign me up!”  They said I couldn’t get an epidural until I had finished an IV bag of fluid, and I told them to turn that puppy up!   That bag took forever to drain!  Around 4:45pm the epidural was still no where in sight and the contractions were so fierce that they were pushing for me.  The staff was very surprised  to see me in this state and decided to check me. They were shocked to see that I was already dilated 10 cm!  5cm in two hours without major drugs or any inducing agents!

At this point they said I would not be able to get the epidural as I was already set to push.  The hospital staff kicked it into high gear and got set up for a delivery that they thought was hours away.  At 5pm I started to push and 19 minutes later, she was born. Todd held her slimy little hand and cut the cord. I was relieved to have a happy, healthy daughter and to be DONE!

Maisy was born at 5:19 pm, weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces, was 20 and a half inches long, with an APGAR of 7 at birth and 9 five minutes later. All good signs.

7 pounds 7 ounces

Unfortunately my mom and my sister missed the birth and arrived at the hospital just 10 minutes before visiting ended, so we got to see them just shortly.  Todd’s brother was also able to sneak in under the wire, so they all got to see Maisy for the first time that day.

The following day we were ready to go home and able to leave the hospital around 2pm.  We were barely there for 24 hrs!

Our first family photo

At home

W e left the hospital with out having a name for her.  We, in fact, just decided on her name this morning.  (It was our deadline for the birth certificate!)  At home we tried out all our favorites and Maisy was the only one we could actually say.  She is one little spunk bucket I tell you!  She knows what she wants and when she wants it.

We’ve been taking shifts at night caring for her.  I’m breast feeding, so there is only so much Todd can do, but he’s been very helpful with diaper changes and trying to get her settled down again -not to mention, just hanging out with her for a few hours, so I can get some uninterrupted sleep! Mmmmmm sleep. As a family, we’ve left the house for short outings which is a lot of fun. the key here is short outings. I’m still healing, and being on the move still isn’t very comfortable.

Rest, time, the love of friends and family all help.

Much love -

Becky, Todd and Maisy