Little Farm and a first fake tea party

Tomorrow will be Maisy’s second day of school.  We are all really looking forward to it.  Maisy has asked several times this week if she can go to school yet.  Then, Saturday the adventure begins as I take both girls to LA on a plane ALONE.  Wish me luck!

I took this video last night of Maren having some tummy time with a toy that is supposed to encourage crawling.  I just found it quite humorous that she would just stay still and kind of smile while a musical butterfly flaps her in the face repeatedly.  Enjoy.

We have been spending our days running errands and finding fun free things to do.  We discovered this open free play session put on by Berkeley Parks where they have an open auditorium at San Pablo Park every day of the week from 9:30-11.  They have tons of activities and toys (books, balls, trains, dress up, puppets, cars, ride on toys, bean bags, story time, etc.)  Can’t beat that for free!  The only caveat is that the lady who runs the show likes her rules, so you better play by them or she’ll surely remind you that you are breaking them!  San Pablo Park Play Group via 510 Families

I took the girls to Little Farm today to feed the animals some left over celery.  Maisy was excited, but a bit scared by the huge cows!

Maisy feeds a cow

Sisters on the farm

After we got home from the Little Farm Maren took a nap and Maisy and I had some play time.  We had our first ever tea party.  Ms. Snow White, Tinker Bell, Jessie and Darbie were in attendance.  We served tea with lemon and cake.  During our tea we discussed recent books we’d read.  Maisy wanted to discuss the Lorax.  Her favorite part is when the Once-ler sticks his eyes and arms out of the boards.  It’s so silly, she says!

Maisy making the guests feel welcomed with tea

Adding a spot of lemon to the tea

Maisy is so curious.  She is currently interested in bones in our bodies and the moon.  We checked out books on the topics earlier this week from the library and we keep going over them.  She’s getting good at rhyming and picking out written words from flash cards and pictures that rhyme.  I did add the words to the cards prior to our activity.  I think it made it a bit easier for her to see the endings of the words and that they matched.  Rhyming Dr. Seuss cards via blog The Activity Mom We’ve also begun to teach her about strangers.  We’ve read The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers and have been practicing/playing stranger or not.  She knows to NEVER go anywhere or take anything from a stranger and that if she ever gets lost to find a mommy/police/fire fighter or a store clerk to help her find us.  It’s a fine line- We don’t want to make her scared or unfriendly, but we want her to stay safe!  Whew- just the first of many difficult topics to cover.

Maren is an adventurous little eater.  So far she hasn’t batted an eye at spinach, broccoli, carrots or green beans.  She doesn’t so much care for apple sauce or banana though.  I very much look forward to our alone time to really play with her.  It’s just amazing how quickly they grow!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren