Little bits of January

Sister love

The year is off and running at full speed.  We have been busy just about every day!  We are mostly busy with touring pre-schools for Maisy.  We want to enroll her 3 mornings a week.  The catch is that you have to tour now for enrollment in the fall.  So we have been making the rounds.  It’s a bummer, because Maisy is so ready and wants so badly to be in school and play with the kids (she says so every time we go by a school), but I think she’ll have to wait until September. Although, I’m not sure she’d mind much.  This morning while we were grocery shopping she said she’d rather go to Berkeley Bowl than school because kids are too noisy!  ha ha ha

Maisy getting crafty with Dad, turning all of her dried out marker tops into a necklace

We started back up with our Monday music classes.  Maisy was a bit shy, but Maren seemed to really enjoy it.  Habitot, the Children’s Museum in Berkeley, offers art classes on Thursday and I think we’ll start taking those. I mentioned them to Maisy and she is very excited about going to painting class.  She is such a blooming little artist.  There could be a room full of kids and toys and if there is an option for doing art instead of playing, that is what she gravitates towards.

Maisy is the skuut bike fairy

Maren rolled over for the first time last Saturday from front to back.  She has yet to make a repeat performance though.  She is sleeping well after we figured out we were putting her to bed a bit too early and we moved her bed time back about 45 minutes.

Maisy cut herself for the first time on Saturday when she found a piece of glass.  She asked Todd, “Dada, is this glass?” and sure enough, it was and it was a little puncture wound dripping blood.  It made Maisy quite sad and she said through tears, “Dada, why is my body dripping on the ground?”  She recovered quickly and is just fine.

Maren did her first study at UC Berkeley’s Infant Cognition Lab today.  It was a study to see how infants perceive probability and at what age they get better at recognizing patterns.  They can tell this by how long the baby looks at an item.  They will look longer at something they don’t understand.  Neither I, nor the researcher know how she did because we weren’t allowed to look because our gaze interrupts the baby’s processing of the situation.  It was fun though.  Maren got a little shirt that says UC Berkeley Infant Cognition Lab Graduate and a certificate. She’s already making us proud!

Maren watching pink and yellow ping pong balls at UC Berkeley

After we got home, we had lunch and the girls played a bit.  Maren had a lego bath.  Oh what fun creative play is!

Maren lego bath

Mom, can you please explain to me why I am bathing in legos?

More in a few weeks!

Much love, Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren