Learning is fun!

I've gotten back into doing fun learning activities with Maisy.  She wakes up about 20-30 minutes before Maren does from their afternoon nap and I've taken advantage of that time to sneak some one on one fun learning time.  I'm amazed at how much she can soak in and enjoy!

We've had a week packed of learning experiences.  On Sunday we went to

Ardenwood Farms in Fremont.

Cute Maren-y (Maisy calls her that) in her hat hanging out on the wall.

Maisy had fun grinding corn into goat food.

Todd tried to take the old bicycle out for a spin (it didn't pan out).

Maren and Maisy had fun romping all around!

The next activity we conquered was the sentence game.  I made a series of words on index cards (I, am, is, Mama, Dada, Maisy, Maren, love, fun, kind).  We make sentences with the cards.  Then we make silly sentences with the cards.  She's learned how sentences work and how you can change them just by swapping out a word.  She has also learned to "read/recognize" 6 of the words.

Playing the sentence game.

Moving words around.

Another activity I set up was making birthday cards for our friends' birthdays that are coming up.  I have blank cards that I wrote the names of the recipients on post its and put it on the top of the card and asked Maisy to write the names on the bottom of the actual card.  To my complete surprise she did and she did it well, quickly.  I'm especially surprised because she just wrote her name for the first time last week, so I wasn't too sure how this activity would turn out, but it worked!

We are totally impressed.

My next activity was from a mommy blog that I follow called counting coconuts.  I bought felt from Michaels for super cheap along with some cross stitch thread and cut out circles and made fractions (1, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4).  We make slices of pie with them and count the pieces.  She doesn't totally get it yet, but she kind of gets the idea of it.  I look forward to playing this game more to see how her learning progresses.

Our new camera working it's magic on my fraction pies.

Finished project.

Excited to play pie.

I love seeing the little doors in Maisy's mind open!  

We have a busy travel week ahead.  Tahoe this weekend and New York on Monday!  Yay for being organized and yay for family and friends.


Todd, Becky, Maisy and Maren