July and the first bit of August

Maisy in her toy box, poor thing is starved for toys!

Time again has rushed by.  A lot has happened in the last month and a half.  Maisy is still the happiest, sweetest and most expressive little wonder.  She is using lots of words now.  Some of her favorites are “butterfly- said buh-erh-by”, “barrette- said bahh-reh”, “up”, “uh-oh”, “bye”, “ni-nite” along with her favorite animal sounds of a roaring lion, impression of a gorilla and don’t forget the moooing cow!  Maisy’s signing abilities continue to grow-  she signs “more”, “milk”, “all done”, “hat”, “dog”, “cat”, “butterfly”, “open”, “food” and her new favorite past time “drawing”.  In the biggest and greatest accomplishment she is WALKING!!  Today she took her first few steps, which quickly turned into strolls.  In just one day she has turned from a cruiser to a walker.  What a difference a day makes.  Video is on Facebook if you are my “friend”, you can also hear Maiy’s lion roar in a video on Facebook too.

Maisy asking for “more” umbrella that she never had in the first place

Drawing with Daddy in our fancy art smock

Daddy and Maisy cuddle on the beach near Uncle Steven’s house

Another really proud moment was us participating in the SF AIDS Walk 2009 on July 19.  We walked with Uncle Steven.  It was a great day for a 6 mile walk in the park!  Maisy did really well even getting out of her stroller to walk with us.  We felt great we were able to help raise 3.5 million for the foundation.

Half way through our walk

Maisy walkin’ the walk

Our fence was built and we are now working on landscaping.  We are so thrilled to have a place to enjoy outside and for Maisy to have a place to play.  Here are some pictures of our before and after.

Before the little white fence came down

After our fence was built with our addition of birdhouses

Other than those things, we are getting ready for our big trip to Montana this Sunday.

More later!  Much love, Todd, Becky and Maisy